1. God created the world and the first people in his image. People had a relationship with God, walked with Him, talked to Him, everything was fine!

2. God has made some rules. He forbade people to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God wanted people to have a choice and want to be with Him of their own free will, not because they were created like that.

3. People have sinned and sin entered the world and destroyed their nature. Sin changed a human.

4. God drove people out of paradise. He did not want them to eat from the tree of Life, because the problem with sin would be forever. People have lost a close relationship with God.

5. The children began to be born in the image of their parents. Murders, thefts, hatred, depression, wars, death began. Now we live in a world where people live in sin, far from God, from a relationship with Him. Because of sin, the present world is completely different from the one created by God.

6. The law of sin has begun to rule the world. Whoever sins must die!

7. Sin is the problem! We cannot compare ourselves with the people around whom we can appear good. Compared to God’s standards, everyone looks bad, has sinned against God, and is guilty of punishment. Today you can go to jail because of a little lie, what if you commit a lie to God? If we sin, we sin against God, we lie to Him, we offend Him, etc.

8. Lord Jesus said: if you hate someone, you are a murderer; if you call someone a fool you will go to hell; if you look lustfully at a woman, it is as if you have committed adultery. These are examples of God’s standards by which he will judge people. God can throw all people to hell (because they deserve it) and still be a good God. Just like a good judge puts criminals in jail. But..

9. God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, without a corrupt nature after the first humans. He never sinned, he obeyed the Father.

10. The Lord Jesus received the Holy Spirit and began to preach about the Kingdom of God, the need to repent of sins, as well as he healed the sick and cast out evil spirits from people.

11. The Lord Jesus died a death on the cross. It was not a failure, it was a victory – the culmination of a perfect plan and a voluntary sacrifice.

12. The Lord Jesus is risen as He said! Since no guilt was found in Him (He was conceived of the Holy Spirit free from corrupt fleshly nature and never sinned), death could not reign over Him.

13. The Lord Jesus started a new covenant with God for us people (he canceled the old covenant). He sealed them with the perfect sacrifice of his Blood and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on his disciples.

14. From then on, His disciples preached to everyone the need to repent, baptize in water in the Name of the Lord Jesus and surrender to the Holy Spirit.

15. Today, in order to become His disciple, to receive the New Life and forgiveness of sins, you also have to repent of your sins towards God, be baptized in water into the Lord Jesus on the basis of your own faith and decision, and remain in obedience to the Holy Spirit.


Believing in the gospel, God, Jesus Christ in the Bible (for the Jews) was synonymous with obedience. Believing someone in the Bible meant following that person’s advice, doing what he convinced us to do. If the Lord God told the Jews through Peter: repent and be baptized and you will receive the Holy Spirit – believing in it meant that someone repented and was baptized in water.

To sum up: faith in the Lord Jesus that saves is obeying Him, His advice and orders expressed in obedience, decision and deed. First, we listen to Him about repentance from sins, being born again of water and the Spirit (water baptism and the baptism of the Holy Spirit). Then, continuing to the end of life in obedience to the Lord Jesus.